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Consequences of “Not” Brushing Your Teeth Daily

´╗┐"Brush your teeth twice a day", "Healthy teeth, healthy you". We grew up listening to all these lines from our parents and dentists. Taking care of your teeth is easy nowadays but it wasn't easy in early times. They didn't have modern toothbrushes or even a toothbrush. They used to chew the branch stick or wash their teeth with a rag dipped in saltwater. Aren't you glad that today you have advanced toothbrushes with soft bristles? You should be and after being thankful, you should make use of a toothbrush to brush your teeth twice a day!
Following the rituals is simple but knowing the reason behind them is something important. Brushing your teeth daily gives you good oral hygiene. You will be gifted with pearly white teeth and healthy gums. But what if you don't brush your teeth even once in a whole day? What if you miss brushing your teeth every day? Here are some consequences of not brushing your teeth:

bBad Breath/b

People tend to avoid talking with people carrying bad breath. Even in occasions or business meetings, a person with bad breath is often not given the preference. Generally, bad breath is an indication to the poor oral hygiene. In some cases, bad breath can also be the result of other dental problems. So, do not ignore it and start brushing your teeth daily.

bProne to Cavities/b

Not brushing your teeth can often lead to the incoming of cavities. When you do not brush your teeth, plaque accumulated on your teeth. It encounters various bacteria to form acid and thus, resulting in tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, do not take it lightly!

bTooth loss/b

Avoiding brushing your teeth is a sure-shot one of the best recipes to lose your teeth and charm of your face. That's right! It may sound scary but it's the hardcore truth. If you do not brush your teeth every day, it can lead to a weakening of teeth and gums. Different bacteria and plaque will be the culprits behind it and will shake the foundation of your teeth. If you do not want to lose your teeth, brush every day!

bGum Diseases/b

Besides losing your teeth, you can also get various gum diseases! Avoiding to brush your teeth daily not only harms your teeth but also gums. Plaque and various bacteria reside in the gums and being there, they lead to gum diseases like gingivitis. Use a mouthwash with brushing your teeth every day twice a day to fight it.

bWeakened Immune System/b

Bacteria are harmful to your overall health and immune system. Due to non-cleaning of teeth, plaque and bacteria often get stored in your teeth and tongue. If swallowed, it can come in contact with the immune system and can harm it in a big way. Moreover, these same bacteria are capable of decaying your teeth roots leading to osteoporosis.

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